BASIS Peoria Primary

BASIS Peoria Primary

Image: BASIS Peoria Primary logoOne of the newest charter schools to the BASIS.ed network, BASIS Peoria Primary will open in August 2017 with over 600 students in grades K–4. We are proud to feed students into the established and award winning BASIS Peoria for grades 5–12. We expect the same success and excellence from students and faculty at BASIS Peoria Primary as we see in all BASIS Curriculum Schools. Prior to the 2017-18 school year, the BASIS Peoria Primary building was renovated to prepare for the incoming primary students. The school added new playgrounds, larger classrooms, bathrooms in each Kindergarten room, and a health office. To support the K–4 students at this beautiful new facility, BASIS Peoria Primary hired 61 new teachers and staff. This spacious building allows for differentiation, pull-out groups, and individualized attention to prepare students for the high academic expectations of BASIS students in grades 5–12.

In our K–4 program, students are not just taught content, but the necessary skills of organization, time management, and study habits. The curriculum includes a wide array of classes ranging from English and Math/Science to Mandarin, Physical Education (both traditional and Tae Kwon Do), Music, Drama, and Art. We are also proud to offer our signature Connections and Phonics courses, as well as a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities to our students.

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Management Staff

Melissa Fields-Koerper
Head of School
Steven Moinester
Head of Operations
Audrey Hagopian
Director of Student Affairs